Ivermectin does, in fact, cure COVID. Anthony Fauci is, in fact, a mass murderer. The COVID-19 vaccines are, in fact, killing astronomical numbers of people, maiming millions more, and the worst is still to come. Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is, in fact, trying to establish a global techno-fascist government, and are well on their way to completing their Great Reset. Vladimir Putin is standing in their way – but that’s still not good news for the rest of us.

If you’re already clutching your pearls, turn back now. If not – you came here for the truth, and that’s what you’re going to get. Buckle up.

Note: Geopolitical events have been moving so quickly that the events I’ve been predicting have gone and occurred 12 hours later, and the geopolitical calculus has been shifting rapidly, making parts of this moot, out of date and accidentally historical. Long story short: We have already lost this war. The crux of the article will now be focusing on how people in the US and the West might survive the fallout.


Where do we even start?

2500 years on, Sun Tzu is still right.

Right now, we find ourselves at a crucial moment in history. They say that nothing happens for decades, and then decades happen in weeks; these are those weeks, and what we do right now will determine the future of not only Western civilization, but of the entire world. World War 3 is here – it has been here, for the last two years, although it’s becoming much clearer now – and this time, there are no distinctions between soldiers and civilians. Everybody is invited, everybody is affected, and everybody can make a difference. To do so, you need the five Ws: who, what, where, when, and last, but not least – why?

When I set out to cure .. etc .. I had absolutely no comprehension that in the course of that mission, I would find myself smack in the middle of World War 3, blessed – for some reason – with all the pieces that could …….. As far as I was concerned, Anthony Fauci was a well-intentioned, intelligent and trustworthy bureaucrat, and all we had to do was let him know we had found a cure. How wrong was I?

Let’s start with Fauci.


The Real Anthony Fauci

There are extensive parallels between the COVID-19 pandemic and the HIV/AIDS crisis, and for very good reason: Anthony Fauci was behind both of them, and he’s followed the same playbook almost to the letter. While the jury is out on whether HIV/AIDS was engineered – SARS-CoV-2 most certainly was – everything else about the Fauci-led pandemic response has echoed the HIV pandemic. With corrupt, rushed trials, Azidothymidine, with an extremely dangerous side effect and mortality profile, was hailed as a breakthrough for AIDS, and became an extremely profitable standard of care. For COVID, Remdesivir fills that role to the letter, having been pushed through with blatantly corrupt, inadequate trials, and has killed countless patients hospitalized with COVID. Cheap, effective HIV/AIDS treatments were suppressed with defective, corrupt trials; ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, both highly effective against COVID, received the same treatment. Advocates for cheap and effective HIV/AIDS treatments were dragged through the mud, derided as conspiracy theorists, and expelled from academia; advocates for the plethora of effective COVID treatments and sane epidemiological policy, myself included, have received the same treatment. However, all of this misses the bigger picture.

There’s a bigger picture.

Dr. Fauci, through his alarmist, hysterical, and inaccurate warnings about HIV, and with the coordinated aid of popular media, was instrumental in creating the gay panic of the 1980s, as well as bringing an abrupt end to the “free love” era of the 60s and 70s, and permanently weakening interpersonal relationships; when examined in the aggregate, Dr. Fauci’s actions, in coordination with popular media, resulted in dramatically deleterious, long-lasting moral and social changes to Western countries. Fast-forwarding to the present day, Dr. Fauci’s ostensibly absurd, incompetent and corrupt management of the COVID-19 pandemic is again being used, again alongside heavy-handed propaganda, to effect dramatic social changes and moral decay**insert prejudice study*.

****Yuri Bezmenov demoralization side quote****

****Pic of Fauci & rothschilds – it means exactly what it apears to mean, time to acknowledge it****

Twice now, Dr. Fauci’s uniquely incompetent and corrupt pandemic policies, hand in hand with well-coordinated propaganda efforts, have been used to implement major societal changes. However, Dr. Fauci is not our biggest problem. Dr. Fauci is merely a cog in a much larger machine. A lynchpin, genocidally criminal cog in his own right, but still just a cog in a machine. Whose machine, you ask? Well, that brings us to our next point:


The World Economic Forum & The Great Reset

****klaus: we control canada****

The World Economic Forum, headed by executive chairman Klaus Schwab – pictured here, cheerfully boasting of his infiltration and control of the Canadian government – is a sprawling organization. Their membership is a veritable who’s who of global political leadership, mega-corporation executives, and old-money families. The mere mention of their name, or that of their executive chairman, inspires such awe that national parliaments will s̶i̶l̶e̶n̶c̶e̶ soil themselves and pretend they never heard it. Collectively, they are – most of – the Powers That Be. There are a few global powerbrokers that have their own plans and are not aligned, and we’ll get to them shortly, but they represent much of the global elite. Fortunately for us, in their arrogant belief in their omnipotence and invulnerability, they’ve dropped the curtain lately. Two years ago, you would have written this off as conspiratorial lunacy. Two years ago, I would have written this off as conspiratorial lunacy. Yet, here we are. Unfortunately, their arrogance is not entirely unfounded. Their methodical, invisible, and incredibly extensive infiltration of government bureaucracies, academic institutions, leading commercial enterprises, elected decision-making bodies, courts, mass media, and countless other Western institutions, has been ongoing for at least 30 years. Their fantastically complex and far-sighted plans, synergistically born from the otherwise competing interests of the most influential global powerbrokers, united under the WEF banner, and collectively named the Great Reset, are rapidly coming to fruition.

You might be familiar with Agenda 21 and/or Agenda 2030, both nominally promoted under UN auspices. You might be more familiar with “globalism,” a term frequently and preferentially associated with George Soros (who is also an avowed enemy of the United States.) Most of us, at some point, dismissed the “New World Order,” and the purported connections to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and a number of other old-money families. Well, if you made it this far, then congratulations: you’re starting to gain an understanding of how the global powerbrokers have jockeyed and competed to work towards their various lofty goals. That competition kept them in check, over the decades and centuries, and relegated their grandiose plans to //////////. Klaus Schwab, however, cracked the code: under his leadership, the World Economic Forum brought almost all of these powerbrokers into alignment, behind a single plan that ticks all the boxes: The Great Reset. He also cracked another code – apparently, the secret to a successful global conspiracy, the breathtaking extent of which would make the fabled Illuminati look like Pinky and the Brain, is to cheerfully tell everybody all about it. At every opportunity. Then, you put all your co-conspirators up in lights on your website, and hold self-congratulatory, ritzy, public conferences to applaud them for their corruption, and once you’re absolutely sure that nobody’s onto you, write a series of bestselling books, describing all your insane, genocidally criminal plans at length.

They’ll never figure it out.

****tweet: great reset launch! duchess? prince charles? who was that****

****you are the carbon they want to reduce****

The Great Reset is, fundamentally, a utopian plan to bring the entire world population under a singular, techno-fascist governing authority, relieve humanity of the burden of all those useless eaters, and launch us all into The Future™ that we were all promised in the 80s. Their goals are to be achieved primarily by effecting the dissolution of just about every socio-cultural, political, religious and economic more, and replacing it all with … well … whatever our new overlords might feel like trying out today. You’d better keep up, because it’s going to cost you 20 social credit points (and your ability to hold or transact your money) if you fall afoul of the ever-changing rules. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

It’s easy to make light of the absurdity of the situation. Sadly, it’s all too real for all too many of us. If you have lost a parent, child, sibling or a friend to a hospital that refused effective medication – or fought a court order while they suffered – or simply killed them before you could file a lawsuit, so they could collect their bonus – this is why that happened. If you’ve suffered “side effects” from an mRNA “vaccine,” or lost a loved one to them – this is why that happened. If your elderly parents died alone in a nursing home, because you weren’t allowed to visit – this is why that happened. If your child’s development has been set back by mask mandates, this is why. If you lost a job because of vaccine or testing mandates, lost your home for walking your dog, became alienated by friends or family that were consumed by the narrative, lost a friend or loved one to isolation-induced suicide, or suffered any of the myriad other injustices that have been visited on all of us over the past two years: you have Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and your resident Young Global Leader to thank for it.


WHAT CAN WE DO? / Slava Ukraini!

The self-styled global elite are almost entirely united against the people of the world, and we’re deep into the 11th hour. We still have the power to bring an end to this. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones. The narrative shift to the war in Ukraine was incredibly jarring, and also quite revealing: suddenly, the very same armies of NPCs and paid speech trolls, the ones that spent the last two years virtue signaling about masks and vaccines, were full-throatedly baying for evil Russian blood and swooning over the Ghost of Kyiv. If it helps to preserve your faith in humanity, the vast majority of them are actually paid trolls, shills, and bots. There’s not too many real people left that are quite that easily programmable anymore.

With that said, the global elite are almost united. Notably absent from the ranks, since approximately 2015, is one Vladimir Putin. Once upon a time, he was a Young Global Leader; the World Economic Forum has since banished him from the illustrious ranks of their corrupt puppetry, and branded him a traitor, and he is throwing a gigantic, earth-shattering wrench in their plans. Don’t get too excited, though – Russia isn’t coming to save the day. If the WEF are the babies, we are the bathwater, and between Russia, China, and several key European states that have been very quietly preparing for this moment for years, we’re going out the window right alongside them. There’s not much that we can do about any of what I’m about to describe, other than personally be prepared in the eventuality that Russia et al. end up winning; still, it’s better to be informed, so here goes.

The war in Ukraine is bathed in the typical fog of war, and the battlefield is not limited to the ground; in fact, events on the ground, where the little people are fighting and dying in a war that very few of them understand, will have little to no bearing on the outcome. Just about everything you’ve been reading is very carefully tailored disinformation; whether or not it’s true, it’s still misleading you. My initial reaction, when the bullets started flying, was something akin to resignation; the fierceness of the Ukrainian defense brought me some hope that perhaps an inevitable nuclear war could be avoided, and I found myself reluctantly, but firmly in favor of the Ukrainian government. When people started pointing out that I’d suddenly gone and aligned myself with Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and every other brain-dead leftist, I was uncomfortable, but I still viewed an incredibly unlikely Ukrainian victory as our only hope to avoid nuclear war; there’s vanishingly little that I will ever agree with George Soros about, but I figured that we could share just a sliver of common ground, insofar as preferring the world not end in nuclear hellfire.

****i support the current thing****

Then I saw this. My eye might have twitched a few times, as Ukrainian MP Kira Rudyk proudly asserted that Ukraine was fighting for the new world order. I wondered whether nuclear war could possibly be a preferable outcome. Then, finally, I started looking beyond the surface. Took me long enough – and once I pieced it together, it was like looking up into the headlights of a rapidly oncoming train. The World Economic Forum are not the only group of powerbrokers at this high-stakes table, and they are not the only ones that have been planning out their moves years and decades in advance. President Trump appears to have been aware of this, and to have started some 11th hour efforts to defuse it.

****president trump getting mad about nato spending and increasing german reliance on Russian energy****


WHAT CAN’T WE DO? / Ти теж, Бруте?

Russia has been heavily sanctioned. The US Dollar is a mighty weapon, and with the flick of a pen, Russia has been almost entirely frozen out of international commerce; their stock market has tanked and has been closed for days, the ruble is collapsing, and Russian banks are rapidly becoming insolvent in the face of intensifying bank runs. It looks like a pretty grim picture for Russia. There’s just one teeny, tiny issue:

****price of gas exceeds $2,000 per 1,000 cubic meters, 40% jump, in europe****

Russia has been mostly blocked from the SWIFT payment system. By “mostly,” I mean they have been locked out of transacting USD for everything except energy payments. You should be familiar with the concept of the petrodollar; the USD is the world’s reserve currency, largely because every single country or leader that has attempted to transact oil in any other currency has met a swift and ignoble end. The USD is backed by the might of the US military; Muammar Gadhafi learned what that means, the hard way. Unfortunately, in continuing to “permit” oil remittances in USD, we’ve very clumsily, and very obviously, tipped our hand: Russia can cease, or modify, their acceptance of USD. Of course, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine having brought the world one misstep away from nuclear war, and the present appearance that the Russian economy is suffering, the word on everyone’s lips is de-escalation; a sudden escalation of military hostilities or nuclear rhetoric, over what may appear to your average American to be impenetrably arcane and uninteresting financial blowback from our own sanctions, would be politically dead on arrival. With tensions on a knife edge, were Putin to be personally injured or killed at this point, that would also be a nuclear gamble. The nuclear calculation is thus; Putin doesn’t need to win the war in Ukraine. He just had to avoid losing it, and keep ratcheting up military, diplomatic and nuclear tensions.*12 hours after this was written, Russian and Ukrainian forces engaged in an explosive firefight inside a nuclear power facility In doing so, he has given himself a free hand to target the very heart of the US financial empire, without so much as the possibility of meaningful retaliation.

****gadhafi all disheveled & bloody with some snarky caption***

Of course, in isolation, a Russian move against the USD wouldn’t be so bad. There’s plenty of other oil in the world; their trading partners could simply cease buying Russian oil and buy it from somewhere else, right? Except – and this is where it gets really dark – they can’t. Europe has steadily, and deliberately, in the name of functionally useless “green energy,” decommissioned their perfectly good nuclear reactors, and gradually ramped up their reliance on piped Russian gas. They didn’t just shut them down; following Angela Merkel’s lead, they have been irreversibly decommissioning them. If and when Russia decides to demand payment in another currency – or unilaterally decide that a barrel of oil will cost $10,000, but only €100 – Europe will have quite deliberately backed themselves into a sympathetic corner. They will have forced themselves to choose between abandoning the petrodollar, or losing access to Russian gas, and very quickly freezing to death in the European winter; that is not a complex or difficult choice, and any possibility of US retaliation would be politically dead on arrival. With the stroke of a pen, the economic might of the European Union, once an asset to us, will spark a death spiral for the USD.

From that point, China could deliver the coup de grâce, and the economic empire of the USD will crumble like dust. If you think the shelves are bare now, wait until we can no longer exchange third world workers’ labor for our h̶a̶r̶d̶-̶e̶a̶r̶n̶e̶d̶ printed dollars, and price controls currently under consideration deliver the final blow. The glut of container ships trying to deliver goods to the US is a first-world problem we will soon wish we still had.



Recent conversations with some friends and allies have revealed an uncomfortable disconnect from reality, and disturbingly black-and-white thinking as to who our opponents and allies are. So, without further ado, let’s put pen to paper and shine a light on exactly what is happening in the world.

The World Economic Forum is a temporary alignment of numerous different powerbrokers’ interests across the world. If one is going to speak about “the endgame,” it must be understood that there is no single goal or finish line for the powers-that-be; whilst there was* a temporary alignment under the auspices of the Great Reset, that alliance has since splintered, and the geopolitical calculus is rapidly shifting as individual actors make their moves.

The forces that aligned under the Great Reset banner were, by and large, the Western powers, whose wealth and power is built upon the foundations of the Western world. Agreement was sought from everybody, including the heads of state of Russia, China, and other Eastern and Middle Eastern powers; it was not, however, reached, and Putin particularly is not playing ball. For the sake of clarity, let’s henceforth refer to the Western powerbrokers as the Resetters, and the Eastern powerbrokers as the East.

The original goal of the Resetters was to introduce central bank digital currencies, displace traditional banking institutions by controlling accounts at the central bank level, and use the additional control afforded by digitized currency to impose social credit systems, centrally controlled by their stakeholders, on the populations of the world. This would have provided the Resetters with unprecedented, granular control over international and domestic commerce, and enabled the weaponization of financial systems to exert control over virtually any aspect of society or international relations as they saw fit, without the input, intervention or permission of recognized national authorities or laws, whether democratically elected or otherwise. Despite these comprehensive control systems not yet being in place, the framework already exists to awkwardly and haphazardly facilitate attempts at this method of control. The freezing of Canadian truckers’ and supporters’ accounts was a shocking, landmark example; the denials of Visa and Mastercard services to Russians, and the freezing of the Russian central bank’s foreign exchange reserves, are another. These actions represented the landmark, unprecedented exercise of the heretofore unrecognized powers that have been arrogated by the private, non-state actors that are the Resetters. Note that these powers lie in the discretionary actions of private corporate entities, which may be freely exercised, regardless of whether they are encouraged, requested, ordered, or prohibited, by any given nation-state.

“There is no good or evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it.” – J.K. Rowling

Unfortunately for the Resetters, the Eastern powers are not aligned, and the power granted by such control of global commerce is not, yet, absolute. The power that they have created and arrogated to themselves, in the end, boils down to the technological exercise of granular control over commerce. While the Resetters have (had) both the first-mover advantage and the global reserve status of the US Dollar on their side, the power granted by controlling commerce, now that it has been revealed and demonstrated, can be easily replicated – and it is being replicated. With Russia locked out of the Western, USD-denominated SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) financial transfer system, they have switched to the Chinese CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System) financial system, which is denominated in Chinese Renminbi. With Russians denied access to the services of Visa and Mastercard, they have switched to the Russian Mir system, in conjunction with the Chinese UnionPay system. Whilst the blockading of Western financial services to Russia was incredibly disruptive in the short term, the Resetters’ nascent control of global commerce was not yet mature enough to deliver a coercively fatal blow, and the aggressive deployment of this immature capability has instead backfired in epic fashion.

Some history is necessary to understand what comes next. When the US abandoned the gold standard in 1971, a wild inflationary spiral commenced, exacerbated by the oil embargoes of the Yom Kippur War. The dollar stabilized in 1974, when OPEC nations agreed to price and trade oil exports in dollars; this guaranteed a global demand for US dollars, and enabled the US to print far more dollars than were required for domestic use, without causing dramatic domestic inflation. This came to be known as the petrodollar. The most reliable method of tracking currency inflation and devaluation has, historically, been to compare the price of gold and silver; to fully enable consequence-free, profligate money printing, and to mask the true rate of inflation, the US established the COMEX gold futures trading market, with the explicit goal of controlling the perceived value of gold, and increasing volatility, to make the metal unattractive as a safe store of value; they accomplished this by encouraging speculative paper trading, thereby masking the relatively small real demand within a sea of speculative traders that never took possession of the metal, and enabling fraudulent short-sales of futures contracts to distort, suppress and manipulate the USD-denominated value of gold. The same tactics were applied to the silver futures markets. Between them, benchmark USD inflation rates were successfully concealed, as the printing of the US dollar continued, exponentially, unabated. As US trade deficits widened, the economy transformed into a so-called “service economy,” and the use of the dollar for the international oil trade eventually became the only reason that the dollar held any value at all. The few nations that dared attempt to move away from the petrodollar, Iraq and Libya most notably, saw their leaders deposed in brutal, example-setting fashion.

The Eastern powers certainly harbor ambitions of world domination, not unlike the Resetters. However, while the granular control of commerce is a logical extension of the West’s predominantly currency-based power, the power of the East lies primarily in real resources. Russia and their allies are major producers of world energy and food, and China has become the world’s factory. With rampant Chinese intellectual property theft over the years, and the crowds of Chinese university students bringing Western knowledge home, the West has also been losing the advantage of technical knowledge. The Canadian government, a proud subsidiary of the Resetters, first tested their nascent commerce-based powers against the people of Canada supporting the trucker protest, on February 14th, indiscriminately freezing bank accounts and locking people out of commerce. Merely two short weeks later, the same, unprecedented (aside from the earlier, apparently senseless and cruel test against the utterly helpless Afghan population) methodology was deployed against the nation of Russia, freezing global forex reserves and shutting down card services. That was an incredibly rushed, poorly thought out escalation. With only three weeks between the Trinity nuclear test and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, such rapid deployment of new, powerful – described in some publications as a “financial neutron bomb” –  yet minimally tested weaponry is not without precedent; however, the use of such a complex, nuanced, political-economic weapon demanded very careful consideration, that it did not have time to receive. Its use, too early, and without the necessary systems in place for full effect, was an overreaction, and an act of desperation; a knee-jerk response, to Russia’s unexpectedly upending the playing field. That act has now devastatingly backfired, and handed the East a sudden, final, and total victory, snatched at the 11th hour from the jaws of defeat.

With the resource-producing world now largely aligned and arrayed against the West, and Europe primed to turn their back on the US, the petrodollar’s last pillars have crumbled, and the collapse of the US empire is playing out before our eyes. We find ourselves now as Wile E. Coyote, having charged off a cliff; suspended in mid-air, we now have a few gravity-defying moments of clarity to look down, and consider what just happened, before we inevitably plunge to the ground below. There is no averting this now; the Great Reset has failed, utterly and irrevocably, and the East is now consolidating power, diplomatically mopping up, and executing their vision for a reset instead. These few moments, measured in days as of writing, are our last opportunity to individually shield ourselves from the fallout, and position ourselves to prosper, as our civilization collapses around us.



It is here, with regret, that I must end the free availability of this article. Reading the remainder of this article is going to cost you a contribution to my and my family’s own survival. For two years now, I have released all my work for free; I have turned down opportunities, avoided conflicts of interest, and just barely survived on donations, while we worked to save lives from COVID,  and poked around where we didn’t belong to try to avert the scenario I’ve just described. While we’ve successfully saved a lot of lives, we have clearly failed on the geopolitical front; the odds were always stacked against us, but we had to try. The years we have spent at the forefront of these earth-shaking geopolitical moves have given us unique insight into the worst-case scenarios, how they play out, and how a person can not only survive the turmoil to come, but come out very well positioned to prosper, live comfortably, and make the best of a very bad situation. The vast majority of Westerners are likely to end up, perhaps karmically from some perspectives, in living conditions not unlike those of stereotypical present-day Chinese factory workers. I can tell you how to avoid ending up like that. It doesn’t take much; unfortunately for us, having given up the last two years of our lives to help people, it takes more than we’ve got, and if I’m going to tell you how to do it, the least you could do is help me do it, too.

The remainder of this article will cost $50 to read. If you can’t spare that, then you likely can’t meaningfully act on the information herein anyhow; and if you can, your contribution to our survival is greatly appreciated. With apologies to those who cannot afford it; perhaps if my previous requests for support had been heard, it wouldn’t have come to this. C’est la vie.

The conclusion to this article contains geopolitical and economic guidance for surviving this period, the latest on long-term vaccine injury risks and treatment, and cutting-edge research on cancer, neurological diseases, and aging.


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****resistance is futile. you will be assimilated****

We covered a lot of ground there, in very few words. Vaccine data — depop etc —.