A lecture Adam gave to a group of doctors and vaccinologists on May 7th, covering Adam’s vax prophylaxis protocol and research supporting treatments for related autoimmune issues. Please TURN CAPTIONS ON to watch this, or you will miss out on some context.

This video has been edited to protect the identities of attendees – you will not see them on the screen, but you will still be able to hear them. Some of the questions asked were from the chat and you will not be able to hear them. We strongly recommend you watch this with captions on in order to see the questions and view the lecture in context.

Please download this and feel free to share it everywhere. If you enjoyed this lecture, learned a thing or two and feel this may have helped you, your support is greatly appreciated!

UPDATE 9/28/21: Please ask your doctor about the following protocol. This is not medical advice, has not been trialed to prove or disprove safety or efficacy, omits several optional elements discussed in the lecture, and may cause unexpected adverse events.

L-ascorbic acid, 55mg/kg po, 10 minutes prior to vaccination

L-arginine 400mg/kg po, 60-120 minutes prior to vaccination

N-acetyl-cysteine 600mg po, 90-135 minutes prior to vaccination

Ivermectin 150mcg/kg po, 8 hours prior to vaccination

Strenuous exercise at injection site, 12 hours prior to vaccination