NOTE: A year later and a year wiser, I’ve attempted to replicate the finding described below, and have not been successful. There have been numerous edits to the published genomes on NCBI, which may have contributed; the copy of the KAZUSA table I saved at the time is also corrupt, although filling in missing references from another source yielded the same non-replicated result. It’s also possible I was just very confused, and/or misremembered whatever it was I did at the time, that led me to the below conclusion.

Nevertheless, there is plenty of other strongly indicative evidence in the genome, both from that period and more recently discovered, that the genome was manipulated in a lab. The below is preserved for historical reference only. Unlike NYT, I’m not going to go change history.


KAZUSA is the protein table that predicts which proteins emerge from ribosomes. Human KAZUSA describes human ribosomal output, since not all living ribosomes act exactly the same. Viruses do not evolve/mutate their RNA predictably. The protein tables are used to “predict” protein output based on FASTA, which is raw DNA/RNA code. ATTGCTTGCA, etc.

If you transcode viral FASTA into a human KAZUSA protein sequence, based on ssRNA code, it will not be accurate, and when you reverse transcode back to FASTA, it will not give you the same FASTA you started with. Like translating back and forth between languages. You write something, translate it to Italian, then translate back to see if it makes sense.

Doing this with viral RNA never, ever makes sense on the reverse. Except, for ORF8 and the surface glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2… It does make sense. It translates back perfectly. Other genes in the same virus do not.

This indicates to me that these two genes were custom-written, top-to-bottom, by humans, for ribosomal translation in humans. Now, we’re talking about two different things here. All the above is about how the RNA sequence of the virus is custom written. We haven’t even got to the best part yet.

The original, physical virion was chemically manipulated, very carefully, before infection into HeLa. I honestly do not know how, or why, one would manipulate a virion before infecting a cell line – as far as I know, it should act like every other virus, and the ssRNA is the only relevant thing that will determine the characteristics of the virion budding out of a cell. But, that is how they did it. I have a copy of the precise method used to prepare the final & first weaponized virion, leaked by those responsible. Custom-written RNA, and a very carefully massaged virion.

(Taken from this thread. This one documents where he first figured it out.)