COVID-19 Is The Big One

NOTE: This was written at a very early stage of the pandemic, with limited information. The saving grace against the dire outcomes described below turned out to be T-cell immunity, which was proven to be important some time later. CD8+ T-cells are capable of clearing infected, immunoprivileged cells.

The world wasn’t ending after all. Thank God for that!

Note: This was originally posted on, and was censored. New information has since come to light, so while the general idea of this article is still correct, some of the details are out of date. For instance, it has since been discovered that COVID’s main mechanism of attack is the destruction of hemoglobin. Nevertheless, I am leaving the article up in its entirety for posterity. Please see the Treatments and Cures page for more up-to-date, scientifically proven, reliable information.


With the acute and chronic symptoms of an incredibly lethal hodge-podge of common-knowledge vectors, and indefinite, constant reinfection, COVID-19 will approach an eventual mortality rate of 100%.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: 100% reinfection, and thus 100% mortality, is based on two factors: all four quarantined doctors were reinfected during continuous quarantine, and the virus invades nerves in the same manner as HSV, which indicates to me that full recovery is impossible. There may be other explanations and I certainly hope that this is wrong. 100% mortality has not yet been observed in the wild.

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A lot of words have been spilled about COVID-19 over the past few weeks. It is a shame, truly, that during the critical moments of this crisis’ first emergence, the power of the US Congress, media attention, and the President were all focused on a doomed impeachment. That impeachment may have been made on valid grounds — as demonstrated by the completely chaotic non-reaction we’re seeing from the Trump administration — but the timing, particularly the wildly inappropriate 28 day hold by Nancy Pelosi, ensured that nobody — not the people, and not the government — was paying attention when it was time to act.

With that said, this virus is incredibly lethal. While theories about bioweaponry may or may not have merit, the virus’ stunning combination of symptoms, targets, infection vectors and mutations cause absolute mayhem in the body. At first pass, the lungs are attacked; this leads to pneumonia, the degree to which is dependent on several factors, including racegender, and age. The damage to the lungs is caused by the immune system being induced to overreact with cytokine storms, with T cells ordering what amounts to a tactical strike on themselves, and the surrounding tissue, in order to kill the virus. That damage also reaches the heart, causing inflammation and tissue damage. During the course of initial infection, the virus also infects nerve cells, which are almost entirely out of the immune system’s reach.

The nervous system

This is where it gets interesting. The ability to infect nerve cells is, while not unheard of, extremely rare. It is common knowledge that HSV integrates itself into nerve cells, effectively “hiding” beyond the reach of the immune system. HIV similarly hides in immune CD4+ T-cells and remains latent for years. Herpes is mildly symptomatic; breakouts occur occasionally, the immune system handles them, and the virus remains dormant. HIV, through a different mechanism, acts similarly, remaining dormant and latent for so long as the immune system, and any medical treatments, can keep it in check.

Neither of these diseases, however, cause such severe symptoms while in latency. SARS-CoV-2 acts very differently. Rather than remaining dormant, it continues to replicate, spreading throughout nerve tissue, no longer vulnerable to the immune system. While doing so, it also spreads back into the body and causes reinfection, 100% of the time. Due to the way the virus attacks CD4 immune cells, in the same manner as HIV, the body is unable to develop immunity. Reinfection is just as deadly, perhaps moreso, and inevitable. Heart damage continues, and can be lethal. Pneumonia is actually milder upon reinfection, as the immune system is largely exhausted.


However, by the time reinfection occurs, SARS-CoV-2 has reached the spinal cord, and begun infecting the brainstem. This is where it gets really hairy. The brainstem controls, among other functions, autonomic breathing. The loss of the brainstem is effectively the death of the patient; however, as the brainstem is largely concerned with autonomic functions, we may not even notice initially. COVID-19 patients in critical care were noted to be “unable to breathe spontaneously.” This occurs in 100% of patients.

This is a problem.

Before we go on, let’s recap the transmissiblity of this virus. It is carried in both droplets and aerosolized in exhaled air from asymptomatic patients: it is found in stool: it survives on surfaces for up to 9 days. It is effectively the common cold, in that most people will eventually get it.

With that said, what we find ourselves with is a virus that causes heart inflammationviral pneumonia, and brain damage, hides in the nooks and crannies of our bodies to reinfect us indefinitely, and is as transmissible as the common cold.

What can we do?

It is well past time in the United States for a complete, total lockdown. This virus cannot be allowed to grow exponentially. With such misleadingly less-severe cases, the proverbial ocean around the iceberg will, very soon, drain, and we will see the full scope of an exponentially spreading, ultra lethal virus. Trials cannot be allowed to go on for 12 months or more. Treatments of various kinds exist, and are being tested to good results. Enough is enough. This virus is so incredibly lethal that it is quite debatable whether the world will still exist by the time these studies are completed.

While we wait for the CDC and their months of regulatory red tape to work through, nearly all of us do, or soon will, have the most lethal virus the world has ever seen slowly making its way up our spinal column. Withholding these treatments amounts to deliberate, bureaucratically administered genocide. By the time COVID-19 rears its ugly head in full view, with people spontaneously dying in the streets around us, it will be far too late.

Is there a cure?

Not yet.

The fact that SARS-CoV-2 hides in the nervous system means that if we were able to cure this, we would also be able to cure herpes simplex virus, and potentially HIV. With little ability to reach or impede the virus once it has begun its journey toward the brainstem, curing this disease may rely on a moonshot genetic engineering effort, employing CRISPR as it has never been used before. On the bright side, if we survive the coronavirus, HIV and HSV will also be fully curable.

What else?

With a similar mechanism to antiviral protease inhibitors, zinc supplements have been proven to slow the progression of normal coronavirus infection. Vitamin C is being distributed by Chinese authorities to improve immune function. Guaifenesin may lessen the impact of pneumonia. With the virus spreading by aerosol from asymptomatic carriers, avoiding all close contact in public spaces is also vital.

Honestly, though, this has already been pandemic under the radar for some time, and it stands to reason that you, and everyone around you, probably have the virus already.

The cure will come. Whether it comes in time to save us all… we will see.