With regards to Nicole Perlroth of the New York Times, who could have single-handedly[1] ended this pandemic, one year and one month ago, if she had so chosen.


You just know there’s more lockdowns coming. Source

You’d think we would be at herd immunity by now, right? The virus has swept across the world in roughly four waves now, and is gearing up for a fifth. How is that possible? T-cell immunity is lasting, durable and effective[2]. Natural infection grants a broad variety of effective antibodies[3]. Vaccinations have been available and aggressively pushed by governments across the world[4]. Hundreds of millions of infections have been suffered[5], with millions of deaths, millions now suffering post-acute COVID[6], and hundreds of millions of (apparently) full recoveries. Even as the long-term sequelae of the virus (and the vaccinations) begin to come into sharper focus, we have to ask: How is this pandemic still around?

Well, there’s two answers to that. One lies in the virus. As I wrote in my last article[17], various immune evasion functions are possessed by SARS-CoV-2[7][8], and are evolving with every new variant[9].

Antibody dependent enhancement. Source

The primary evasion mechanism is evolving evasion of neutralizing antibodies. This is a fairly simple concept. There are a few sites on the receptor binding domain of the spike – that is, the region of the spike that directly interfaces with the ACE2 receptor to infect a cell – that are not preserved regions[10]. This means, in essence, that no matter what form they take, the virus retains the ability to bind to ACE2; however, being so prone to mutation, such tiny changes can prevent pre-existing antibodies effectively binding to them[11]. There are only a limited number of these regions. Mutations to these regions are referred to by the nomenclature X###X; the substitution of one amino acid for another, with the previously known amino acid represented by the first letter, and the new mutation by the second. Furthermore, the widespread use of mRNA vaccines has resulted in a very strong, but very narrow antibody response to an infection[8]; in brief, rather than sending out generic IgM antibodies to get a feel for the intruder, the immune system thinks it already knows what it’s doing, and produces very narrowly targeted IgG antibodies[12]. When the receptor binding domain of the virus has mutated to evade these antibodies, the only antibodies that stick are those that do not block the virus from infecting a cell, which then serve to actually make viral entry easier, in a process known as antibody-dependent disease enhancement, and as the name might have indicated, more severe disease[13]. This is being widely observed with the Delta variant, whereby severe illness rates for vaccinated people are anywhere from 2-10x (up from 2-6x) compared to unvaccinated individuals[14].

The second evasion mechanism, explored in depth in my last article[19], is HLA evasion. This is much more insidious, and constitutes the primary reason that younger people have become more severely affected[15] on occasion; it is the reason we are now seeing prolonged courses of infection, as compared to the disease that had been well characterized over the course of 2020[16]; it can also induce specific racial vulnerabilities[17][18] to a given variant, as seen with the B.1.4.27 variant, among others. It is insidious, because it is a ticking clock toward the evolution a far more deadly variant[19]. HLA stands for human leukocyte antigen. These are the direct result of millions of years of exposure to various pathogens[20]; they serve as remembered locks to various pathogens’ keys. Expressed inside the cell, each one is shaped to perfectly take hold of a piece of a virus, bacteria or other pathogen, to then present it on the cell surface, and begin the process of developing immunity, as well as alerting the wider immune system to the presence of an infection[21]. Humans, as a species, individually express a great diversity of HLAs, such that any one pathogen will never evade everyone’s HLAs[22]; while a small subset of people may be missing HLA #1, and thus be unable to seize and present Antigen #1, most other people will express that HLA. Other pieces of the same pathogen are highly likely to fit into HLA #2, #3 or #4, and thus being unable to present Antigen #1 does not present such a terrible obstacle, as the other HLAs can do the rest of the heavy lifting. However, natural optimization of the antigen selection process in the endoplasmic reticulum means that only a small number of potential antigens are ever selected for HLAs to even attempt to seize[23].  This presents the opportunity for the virus to mutate, to avoid those few HLAs to which it is vulnerable, and the virus is doing so[17]. This has predictably[96][19] resulted in SARS-CoV-2 infections often taking longer to clear, higher rates of post-acute COVID, and more young and healthy people being more severely affected. It is entirely conceivable that the virus may eventually evolve to evade a critical mass of HLAs, at which point an entire class of immunity will be lost[24].

Both of these evasion mechanisms are allowing the virus to persist, and to continue attacking the world in one wave after another. However, the virus is not the only reason the pandemic is ongoing. It has a powerful ally in its fight to survive: most of the governments of the world, persistently doing all that they can to ensure the virus’ ongoing survival and spread[25]. You see, we have a cure[26]. Several cures[27], even. Our medical authorities were made aware of them incredibly early on in the pandemic, as revealed by the Fauci email leaks[28]. This is knowledge that has been possessed for well over a decade[27], and possibly longer. Viruses have been around for a long time, and we didn’t only just start looking for treatments and cures when the COVID-19 pandemic rolled around. Knowing what we know now, it’s quite absurd to imagine that the worlds’ top medical and scientific minds were unable to identify broadly effective antiviral therapies, beyond middlingly effective, expensive treatments like Tamiflu. In fact, they had.

This may be news to you. It’s OK. Take a minute to process the implications of that fact, and when you’re ready, carry on.


The first and most significant element is “flattening the curve.” By slowing down the rate of infection, large groups remain that have yet to be exposed to the virus[29]. This seems like a terrible idea at first glance, when you take into account the 99.9% survival rate and the low incidence of severe acute disease, not to mention the economic and social devastation that has resulted from the varyingly strenuous lockdown policies. However, the long-term sequelae are incredibly significant. Rates of post-acute COVID (“long covid”) are estimated to be anywhere from 10-30%[6]; the loss of smell and taste, at first a mystery, has been revealed to be a consequence of significant brain damage to a number of regions of the brain, in a shockingly high percentage of cases, regardless of the severity of acute disease[30]; and new information, at first considered to be both simply too awful to take seriously, and completely lacking in evidence, is slowly coming to light regarding the prionic nature of the spike protein[31], and the prevalence[32] of presently irreversible, and one hundred percent lethal[33], prion disease. This also has extraordinary and horrifying implications regarding the mRNA vaccines[34], that have now been administered to almost two billion people across the world.

The second, unfortunately, is best described as “ulterior motives.” With the inane, arbitrary measures being imposed on the public, from nonsensical mask mandates, contrary to all scientific evidence of their lack of efficacy[35], to selective and limited lockdowns effecting the closure and destruction of countless small businesses[36], while leaving mega-corporations largely untouched and seeing record profits[37], to the halting attempts to implement movement licenses[38][39], under the guise of vaccine passports[40], it is quite clear, to most that are paying attention, that the pandemic is being used to implement a significant change in the political world order. Numerous world leaders have pledged their allegiance to the “Build Back Better” program[41], the brainchild of the World Economic Forum[42]; with a view to the implementation of the “4th Industrial Revolution,”[43] a vision of totalitarian, almost Star Trek-like automation and communism, political leaders across the world have every incentive to prolong the global state of emergency until this mission has been accomplished. Despite the real and present threat of the virus, it is abundantly clear that the various measures being taken are not in pursuit of ending the pandemic or returning to a normal way of life. Rather, the relentless push toward the “new normal” goes on[44], all premised on the plausible threat of COVID-19. Simultaneously to this, the above noted effective treatments and prophylactics have been subjected to a relentless campaign of propaganda, censorship, fake science and dishonest, unethically conducted trials[25], and in some countries outright bans[45], to muddy the waters around their effectiveness, prevent their use, and prolong the death and destruction of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Informed consent matters. Source

The third, as touched on above, is the broad application of novel mRNA vaccines. Vaccines have a long and celebrated history[46]; with great credit to the scientific and medical communities of days gone by, almost every single vaccine in history, after generally taking 5-10 years in development and testing, has been both extraordinarily safe and highly effective. The most effective vaccines, the ones most broadly pressed into public service, provide sterilizing immunity[47]. This means that the vaccine will prevent both initial infection and transmission. They achieve this with both the introduction of IgA antibodies in the external mucosa, the body’s very first line of defense, and CD8 T-cell immunity, which enables the body to rapidly recognize and destroy infected cells. Less effective prophylactic vaccines, which do not provide such sterilizing immunity, generally only provide spotty immunity to the pathogen[48], and are usually used only by a small number of individuals in high risk situations; virologists and microbiologists studying a given pathogen, or soldiers that may be exposed to such pathogens as weaponized anthrax, for instance. In their intended use case, prophylactic vaccines serve their purpose very well. The downside of prophylactic vaccines, in their failure to provide comprehensive sterilizing immunity, is that their limited immunity accommodates mutation and adaptation by the pathogen, which can lead to immune escape, the failure of the vaccine and breakthrough infections[49]. In such limited use cases, this is ordinarily not an issue. However, the deployment of such vaccines at massive, society-wide scale, during the middle of this active pandemic, is quite predictably leading to immune escape, as the virus is presented with millions of opportunities to evolve and evade the immunity they provide. In fact, SARS-CoV-2 is especially ill-suited for these vaccines; rather than significant mutations taking place at a population level, the engineered nature of the virus has resulted in variants of concern frequently evolving within single individuals[50], with significant convergent evolution toward the same advantageous mutations taking place in completely unrelated viral lineages[51].

Ordinarily, even this situation, while far from ideal, would not be all too disastrous, and it certainly would not imperil the entirety of humanity. However, these vaccines have an incredibly dangerous secret; until recently only discussed in obscure corners of academia, firm evidence of this reality is just now coming to light. As I’m sure you’re aware, they all work very similarly; introducing the spike protein, whether transcribed via an adenovirus vector, with a lipid nanoparticle containing mRNA, or the whole protein itself in the upcoming Novavax vaccine. Above and beyond the concerns noted with immune escape, there is another enormous issue:


This is your brain on prions. Source

This is where this story takes a decidedly dark turn. You may have heard of prions in passing; perhaps in the context of the United Kingdom’s outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, aka mad cow disease, in the ’80s, or as an interesting fact about Papua New Guinean cannibalistic tribes suffering from Kuru, or the genetically inherited Italian disease, fatal familial insomnia. However, this one is going to hit much closer to home.

The concept of a prion is very simple. Compare it to gray goo, or strange matter; a prion is (generally) a misfolded protein, an incredibly tiny formation of sugars, that converts other proteins to its own misfolded shape[52]. All proteins have some natural function[53]; a pathogenic prion protein ceases being able to fulfil its natural function[54], and in converting other proteins, begins to create aggregations, known as plaques. Alzheimer’s disease, for example, begins with the aggregation of such proteins[55], and importantly, the subsequent immune response[56], once the aggregate has grown sufficiently to begin damaging other tissues. Notably, a useful immune response does not take place at an early stage[57]; as such proteins are natural elements of the body, albeit misfolded, they are initially recognized as such and tolerated by the immune system. Ordinarily, a prion is transmitted by the consumption of infected meats or brain tissue, and can take years or decades to cause neurodegenerative disease[58].

However, the spike protein is not a natural prion. There are three regions of the spike contributing to prionic activity; the alpha-1 helix on the receptor binding domain[31], the gp120 insert, and the PRRA insert[59]. These are expected to interact with the natural PrPC protein in the brain, as well as the p53 prion-like tumor suppressor protein inside the cell cytosol[60][61], and convert them into the pathogenic PrPSC form, which then begins creating protein aggregates. Until recently, this was only theory, widely dismissed by the medical and academic communities as “anti-vax” conspiracy theory[62]. With zero evidence of this process actually taking place in reality, this position was generally accepted, and little attention had been paid to it. Only a very few independent researchers[63], outside the constraints and expectations of the mainstream academic community, and a very few professionals with the integrity to report their scientific findings without consideration of such political backlash, had noticed and highlighted the possibility of this scenario. However, sufficient time has passed that this pathology is now beginning to cause symptomatic disease[32][64]. “Sufficient time” in the context of ordinary prion disease, as mentioned previously, could often be on the order of years or decades. However, this timescale is only due to the fact that in the case of ordinary transmission, only a very few prion proteins will infect an organism. In this case, we are injecting trillions of them[65][66], into billions of people[67]. The fact that neurodegenerative disease is already being observed in vulnerable populations[32], mere months after the beginning of the wide-scale vaccination programs, is a terrifying indicator of the fact that it will not take anywhere near so long as usual to see the outbreak of extremely widespread prion disease, for which we presently have no cure[68][69].


This is your community on prions.

At present, we have a big problem. Billions of people have been injected with trillions of prion proteins each. Prion disease has been studied, but not extensively; while a number of promising treatments have entered the literature over the years, few trials have been conducted, and no permanent cure has been identified[70]. Solving this global problem, in the short timeframe available, is going to take many of the world’s greatest minds focused and working together, first to obtain the consensus that this is a real and pressing issue, and secondly to find a cure.

That simply isn’t happening while we remain in the middle of a global pandemic.

As mentioned previously, we have effective treatments and preventatives for COVID-19. Zinc ionophores; among them hydroxychloroquine[71][72][78], quercetin[73], ivermectin[74] and EGCG, in such widely available preparations as simple as a few cups of green tea[75], along with an ordinary zinc supplement, can prevent infection by and transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Ivermectin alone, newly discovered to be a wonder drug and a particularly effective antiviral, can prevent infection and transmission[76]. Even bromhexine, an unassuming over the counter mucolytic, is capable of preventing infection and transmission[77]. High doses of Vitamin D3 can also dramatically shorten the course of an infection and reduce opportunities for transmission[79].

Herd immunity can take a number of forms. Source

None of this is happening in a vacuum. Before we can turn our attention to the extremely pressing issue of widespread prion disease, we must first end the pandemic. Mass vaccination is presently being pursued, ostensibly with the goal of attaining herd immunity, and effecting the eradication of SARS-CoV-2 to end the pandemic. However, with what we know about the vaccines being used, this is simply never going to happen; immune escape will persist, and ever increasingly dangerous mutations will emerge, regardless of the level of infection that would otherwise result in herd immunity. There is another option, along much the same lines: a campaign of worldwide, simultaneous mass prophylaxis, using any of the above therapeutics. Universal participation is not required; if a significant enough number of people were to make use of such prophylactics, at the same time, two things would happen. Firstly, undetected early infections would be resolved, before active disease and significant transmission took place. While there is debate over the existence and relevance of asymptomatic spread, it is an obvious fact that shortening the course of disease, especially catching it before symptoms begin, will significantly reduce opportunities for infection and transmission. Secondly, transmission will be greatly impeded by the fact that most of the potential hosts will be, temporarily, immune to infection. The above noted prophylactics can remain effective for up to, at least, a week, with the exception of bromhexine, which requires dosing three times daily.

With at least a week of widespread immunity, viral transmission would be crushed by an effective pseudo-herd immunity, and new infections, if not completely eliminated, would be dramatically and notably reduced. From that point, perhaps only one more dose for those participating would be required, and SARS-CoV-2 could be effectively eradiated within a matter of just a couple of weeks. With corrupt government policies having forcefully created an absolute blind spot concerning the existence of effective treatments and prophylactics, a sudden halt to transmission and the consequent steep fall in case numbers will necessarily catch the policy-making machinery off-guard. Such a cliff-edge fall in case numbers will be incredibly clear for all to see, no matter how blind they were to everything else about this pandemic, and the cause will be readily apparent; even in the event that governments subsequently decide to crank up the CT cycles to generate false positives, such action will necessarily come too late, and a simple repeat of the event, with potentially much wider participation the second time around, will be quite sufficient to finish the job and eradicate SARS-CoV-2.


Unfortunately, in what is a very sad reflection on humanity, such a campaign seems incredibly unlikely to succeed at this point. The world has been split cleanly in half by relentless propaganda; 30-40% seem to believe that the virus either doesn’t exist, isn’t relevant, or doesn’t need to be eradicated, and the other 60-70% are mindlessly attuned to the drumroll of the ever increasingly obvious propaganda. That campaign, attempted as of the 24th of this month, could still reorganize around a new date and succeed, but it’s a long shot, and convincing more than just a handful of people to take personal responsibility for the survival of the species, and to take some action to that end, is a task apparently well beyond my ability.

With that said, it looks like we’re in for some major social disruption once the effect of widespread prion disease becomes apparent. Prion disease is detectable via the olfactory nerve[80]; it is also transmissible via nasal secretions[81]. Considering the fact that prion proteins are virtually indestructible[82], and have likely been seeded in immense numbers of people all across the world, it is highly likely that practically every square foot of every public space has some degree of contamination at this point, and virtually everybody, whether infected, vaccinated or otherwise completely untouched by COVID-19, has been infected. The initial inoculum, or dose, matters[83]; while the vaccinated will certainly be the first to fall, having been injected, willingly or through coercion, with trillions of prionogenic proteins, the degree to which disease may result from viral infection, or fomite transmission, remains unclear. It could be the case that such exposures will result in a more normal multi-decade incubation period. At this time, this is little more than speculation, and nothing but time is going to answer that question. As for the vaccinated, numerous[84] signals[85] of[86] widespread[64] prion[87] disease[32] are[92] already[93] being[94] identified[95] (much stronger evidence may come when wider testing has been accomplished, which should hopefully be very soon) and it is likely a mere matter of months before the descent into madness begins.

There are also a number of promising treatments. Prion disease has been recognized for a long time, and no treatment has been positively identified as curative yet. However, there are two potential treatments that stand out as the most likely to provide strong benefit against prion disease. Resveratrol, found in red wine and supplement form, may be able to induce autophagy of infected cells, and thus consume and destroy prionic protein before significant damage has taken place[88]. Lichen serine protease is also very promising[89]. A protease is, generally speaking, a protein that destroys other proteins; with little other natural recourse, proteases found in some species of lichen have been found to attack and degrade prion protein. Safety and efficacy trials have not been completed to provide any indication of an appropriate dose, expected efficacy, or a full safety profile; nothing in this artice should be construed to be medical advice, and you should certainly speak with your doctor about anything you may be considering taking. However, something is better than nothing (a point unfortunately lost on our own authorities concerning COVID-19 treatment[90].) With the limited time still available before this turns into a much more real and present crisis, accelerated research to more firmly identify useful prophylactics and cures remains ongoing. Notably, a safe and accessible test is available[80]. Speak to your doctor about taking one today.

If humanity is unable to work together to pull ourselves out of this mess, then I suppose the best we can hope for at this point is to save ourselves. The TV-watching, Fauci-praising, vaccinated zombies are largely lost causes at this point, and seem like they are happily cheering on yet another repeat of some of history’s darkest genocidal moments, as the propaganda against the unvaccinated starts to shift into high gear[91].

How ironic their fate.


If you know somebody that has suffered severe neurological complications shortly after a COVID-19 vaccine, we have begun collecting reports here. Please help us turn anecdotes into data, gain a firmer understanding of this, and start the ball rolling towards finding a cure.

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The Original Ending

This is the end of this article as it was originally written. Apparently, presenting a solution and encouraging participation in a collaborative effort to end the pandemic came off too much like a sales pitch.




… but not the way you were planning, Klaus.

Ordinarily, such a campaign, which requires incredibly extensive messaging to penetrate practically all elements of society, would only be within the realm of governments and well-connected multinational organizations. With the modern digital era, a vast array of new tools have become available to governments around the world. Rather than putting these tools to beneficent use, these tools have enabled them to implement digital censorship, book burning and propaganda on a scale the Soviets could have only dreamed about. Pursuant to the united march of world governments toward a single world authority, and totalitarian control of every facet of society – for which China appears to have been the testbed, manifested with finality in their dystopian social credit system – digital currencies, in the form of central bank digital currencies, are shortly planned for release, which will represent the final, total and lasting seizure of absolute control of the world. However, such digital currencies present a double-edged sword, and a powerful potential exists for them to be put to good use, too.

Uniquely modern technologies offer a solution. Source

Such a campaign will require incredible memetic marketing power and reach; successful digital currencies are well-known for their ability to rapidly garner widespread attention and penetration throughout social networks. Such a campaign will require incredible, almost unheard of levels of funding, that are typically only available to governments capable of printing and taxing their own currency; unlike simple fundraising campaigns, the potential for profit from digital currencies is well known to attract absurd levels of investment in what are otherwise, generally, completely meaningless and useless, unbacked ledger entries – 22 billion dollars for Dogecoin, anybody? In recognition of these facts, there have already been significant steps taken by financial institutions and national governments to restrict access to non-central bank digital currencies; however, they have not been banned yet. Such a campaign also demands broad international cooperation; in the absence of useful action by ordinarily credible medical authorities or international organizations, the cooperation of leading, authoritative medical associations must be secured and used to present the general public with another option. Incompetent, corrupt and non-credible medical authorities are pushing the vaccines, misleading their people, the ones that are still listening, into believing that compliance and mass vaccination will end the pandemic and return them to their pre-pandemic way of life. This has never been further from the truth. Another option must be presented by the credible, united voice of the world’s most trusted medical organizations that do not subscribe to that evil fiction.

We cannot do it alone. Source

With the launch of the Ivermectin Coin cryptocurrency, that campaign has already begun. Uniquely designed to fully harness the best that cryptocurrencies have to offer, this cryptocurrency is to be the cornerstone of that global campaign. Whether it happens slowly, or quickly, the coin represents a simple truth: we want the death and the destruction to stop, we want to save lives, and we want this pandemic to be over. With so many people that still, after well over a year of intense messaging, thorough science and untold millions of lives saved, have not heard of, or understood the value of ivermectin, the inexorable growth of this coin will broadcast a message that simply can no longer be ignored. For the millions of people that do know what is being hidden, and despair for a way that they can personally contribute to the efforts to end this pandemic, this coin can serve as a single point of contact for the entire world to contribute to this cause. For the brave organizations that have been standing against corruption, tyranny and genocide, the funding made available through this coin will help them to amplify this message, further than it has ever yet managed to reach before. We have reached an impasse in professional circles: with the intractable and constant propaganda, bad guidance from authorities, incessant publication of bad science and suppression of competent analysis, and professional threats from the corrupt scientific institutions that would would rather our modern day Galileos be silenced, we have gone as far as we ever will in convincing authorities and medical practitioners to stop killing their patients. It’s time to take the future of the people and put it back into their own hands.
This incredibly powerful tool has been created, to end this pandemic, and to enable us to turn our collective attention toward repairing the terrible injuries that have been inflicted on humanity. Time is short: with ever mounting evidence of the lethal neurological damage being inflicted by both the virus and these vaccines, the clock is ticking. We must end this pandemic, and we must do it soon. We have all the tools we need. Whether or not they succeed is entirely in your hands.

If you want this pandemic to be over, help us make it happen.