So much around this novel virus has been a mystery, but there is one thing that everyone agreed on early on – coronavirus would be devastating to the old and infirm. So what did some Democrat governors decide to do? They forced nursing homes to accept COVID patients, regardless of their ability to safely accommodate them and protect their other residents. What could possibly go wrong?

What could have happened here?

Those of us who have had the misfortune of being subject to the US health care system understand what is happening here. Hospitals need to free up those beds, and the “recovered” patients have to go somewhere. Hospitals are treating COVID symptoms and as soon as a patient is stable enough to be sent packing, hospitals are giving them the boot. What do you do with an elderly person who is dependent on assistance, once the hospital is ready to be rid of them? If you can’t send them back to their nursing home, where are you supposed to put them?

Rachel Levine sent her mom to a hotel while forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients

If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford it and you really can’t stand your parents, I guess you put them in a nice hotel room. That’s what Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine did, even as she forced nursing homes to accept COVID patients. But she is not alone in condemning the most vulnerable among us to die excruciating deaths. In New York, Governor Cuomo is responsible for almost five thousand nursing home murders – 25% of the total COVID deaths in NY – and that is just according to the official tally. When asked about this, Cuomo said “That’s a good question, I don’t know,” and turned to an aide to bail him out. In Michigan, Governor Whitmer ordered COVID-positive seniors to recover in nursing homes with the uninfected, and only today is reconsidering this policy.

The memes make themselves

Interestingly, it seems to have been primarily Democrat governors who made it a policy to force COVID patients into nursing homes, where all the available evidence indicated that coronavirus could do the most damage. One has to wonder if the Epstein Party governors weren’t just doing their part to cull the electorate of undesirables in advance of another tight election, given that older people are almost universally known to be inclined to vote conservative. If these governors didn’t act with malice of forethought, they acted with extreme negligence, yet Cuomo has been lionized by the media and Whitmer has been rewarded with scuttlebutt that she may be on the short list for Biden’s choice of VP.

Carmen Yulín Cruz Aint Got Nothin’ On Cuomo

As our elected representatives seek to protect themselves, their families and their cronies, they aren’t just leaving the most vulnerable to die – they are ensuring they do. Even as this crisis rages on, Democrats are stacking committees and setting the stage for an official inquiry into Trump’s abysmal handling of the whole mess, and at the same time considering giving blanket immunity to nursing homes who let their patients die alone – sometimes abandoning them completely after staff got spooked by all the mass-death and ran away, leaving those they had been entrusted to care for to die the most agonizing way imaginable – alone.

Abandoning Your Loved Ones So You Don’t Have To

If our elected representatives aren’t responsible, and the staff at these facilities aren’t to blame, and the facilities themselves get a free pass, I guess we can only blame ourselves for allowing this to happen. We allowed a culture of convenience to force our elders from our homes and into these deplorable nursing compounds as the ties that bind family together have been weakened by same, til the watered down remnants find us alone and without anyone we can actually trust. If we’re honest, we left our parents and grandparents to die the day we moved them into assisted care. We were busy, we had a lot going on at the time, they required special accommodations and we couldn’t be bothered to deal with it, and jeez it would’ve been such a burden to care for them at home. Wouldn’t want the kids around all that icky dying old people weirdness, or, of course, that smell. So we convinced ourselves they’ll take good care of them at Long Dark Shadows Adult Care and we visited from time to time, and less as time went on, but we always made sure to call on Tuesday.

No, if we’re honest, we’ve been abandoning the elderly for some time now. Coronavirus has simply made it official state policy.