Since our businesses were destroyed by the pandemic lockdowns last year, we have been dedicating all our time and energy towards saving lives, getting the message out, organizing, pursuing novel lines of research, and working towards ending this pandemic. We have been doing all of this on the tightest of budgets, and barely getting by ourselves. Our current line of work is researching the mechanisms and extent of what may be prion disease resulting from the virus and the vaccines, trying to identify useful treatments and cures, and characterizing the progression of symptoms, as well as an incipient effort to provide a useful alternative test to the highly invasive and dangerous spinal tap procedure that is presently the standard for prion disease testing. I have also begun facilitating connections between attorneys, whistleblowing doctors and nurses, and patients, to arrange class action lawsuits against hospitals that have been refusing treatment for COVID-19. Presently I am also working on political networking to establish large scale ivermectin and/or zinc ionophore prophylaxis across Florida and Texas, to mixed results so far – and working on an initiative that you may have noticed us teasing for some time that is very nearly to fruition.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and vital to helping us continue this work.