Since our businesses were destroyed by the pandemic lockdowns last year, we have been dedicating all our time and energy towards saving lives, getting the message out, organizing, and pursuing novel lines of research. We have been doing all of this on the tightest of budgets, and barely getting by ourselves. Our latest work is focused on alleviating the suffering of the worst cases of vaccine-induced autoimmune disease, hopefully to permanently cure those conditions, and to reverse the life-changing injuries they can cause.

Small contributions are greatly appreciated and are vital to help us continue this work. If you have the means, larger contributions could also go toward any of a number of initiatives that are stalled for lack of resources. We would like to challenge the FDA over their daily violation of S564 of the FDA Act, which would likely see ivermectin formally recognized in court as curative, and put a hard stop to the use of experimental, potentially dangerous vaccines. We would also like to begin to organize the “set the date, end the plague” campaign, to effect worldwide eradication of COVID-19 at a grassroots level, in partnership with a number of well-known associations fighting for effective treatment. There are also some valuable experiments that could be conducted with lab equipment to shed more light on the nature of the virus’ actions at a cellular level. None of this work is possible without support.