Since our businesses were destroyed by the pandemic lockdowns in 2020, we have been dedicating all our time and energy towards saving lives, getting the message out, organizing, educating, pursuing novel lines of research, and working towards ending this pandemic. We have been doing all of this on the tightest of budgets, and barely getting by ourselves. Three years is a long time, and we have achieved a lot, but there is still a long way to go. The censorship of @veryvirology has crushed our ability to crowdfund this work for the past 9 months, and brought some of these initiatives to a screeching halt. With your help, we can pick up where we left off: the pressing work of identifying therapies for the death and disability being caused by the vaccines, pursuing justice for the criminals responsible, helping as many victims as we can, and breaking through the endless tsunami of propaganda to bring truth to light.

Our past, ongoing and planned efforts include:

Thanks For Your Support

We appreciate it more than you know.

Independent Research and Analysis
  • Independent research on viral mechanisms and complications from both the virus and the vaccine
  • Collecting data on neurological impacts of vaccines and vaccine-related prion disease
  • Identification and publicization of treatments and cures for COVID-19
  • Characterizing the progression of symptoms and various modes of disease
  • Investigating VAIDS and the unique presentation of rapidly progressive post-vaccine cancer
  • Investigating, characterizing and developing treatments for spike-related prion & proteinopathies
  • Connecting scientists and researchers of widely varying disciplines
Advocacy and Direct Action
  • Facilitating connections between patients, attorneys, and medical professionals for class action lawsuits against hospitals refusing proper treatment and causing harm with dangerous EUA protocols and drugs
  • Working with various entities to pursue legal initiatives, including saving jobs from vaccine mandates
  • Planning and promoting a campaign for large-scale pre-exposure prophylaxis across the US and/or the world to effectively eradicate SARS-CoV-2
  • Collaborating with experts across the medical and legal fields to seek changes to state and national pandemic policies
  • Organizing reading, research and political advocacy groups
  • Providing resources, assistance and advocacy for patients suffering medical malpractice and mistreatment
  • Exposing the criminality driving the pandemic and seeking justice for victims
  • Advocating within governments, from local to international, on all issues COVID, vaccine and pandemic-related
  • Digging through the weeds of corrupt bureaucracies to pursue accountability and justice
Communication, Media and PR
  • Pursuing a professional PR campaign to break through Fauci’s cult of personality
  • Discovering and highlighting truth, and countering officially promoted disinformation
  • Highlighting and promoting excellence in independent scientific and medical research to further good science
  • Sharing and explaining relevant scientific information with those who need it most
Blood Banking, Prion Testing, Diagnostics and Treatment
  • Facilitating the development and operation of a Texan university lab to provide a new, less invasive prion/proteinopathy test
  • Conducting and supporting independent, trustworthy scientific research into prion and amyloid pathologies caused by the spike protein
  • Feasibility study to establish a network of blood banks that will store and provide unvaccinated blood
  • Supporting researchers and scientists to achieve journal publication, recognition and impact from their works
  • Advising medical practitioners on the latest high-quality research to improve patient treatment

As the past year has unfortunately demonstrated – we can’t do it without you. If you have the means, your contribution makes all the difference, and enables us to carry on this work.

We also need your help in other ways! We and our associated organizations are always in need of skilled volunteers, in areas as widely ranging as the practice of medicine, medical and legal research, active and retired law enforcement at any level, administration, media and PR, investigative services, political outreach and networking, and so much more. Please reach out to @veryvirology on Twitter to discuss how you might be able to help.


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