Artemisia Annua

This information was put together in the very early days of the pandemic, and while largely still accurate, there are likely to be various minor inaccuracies, as the science has significantly advanced since that time. This information has been preserved for historical archiving purposes only, and must not be construed to be medical advice. While finding good doctors can be a challenge in this environment, there are multiple specialty telemed services available that will provide accurate, useful COVID-19 evaluation and treatment, beyond the useless guidelines presently being pushed by most ordinary providers. Always speak to your doctor before changing or stopping any treatment regimen.

Artemisia annua is a plant native to various areas of Africa. The active ingredient is artemisinin, whose antiviral effects have been studied and proven to have inhibitory activity against various viruses’ replication.

Little is known about its effects or mechanism of action. Madagascar has experimented with the use of the plant against COVID-19. As of writing, Madagascar has reported no deaths, so there may be something to it, but its degree of effectiveness, safety or contraindications are largely unknown.


UPDATE, 5-17-20: The drug appears to function similarly to ivermectin! This may be moved to the Cures column with more investigation. With the WHO trying to bribe Madagascar to poison their supply, and the NY Daily News running disinformation about it, I think it’s safe to say that Artemisia Annua, or its active ingredient(s), are curative, or at the very least an effective treatment.

UPDATE 5-21-20: Boy, the WHO sure moves fast. Madagascar wouldn’t poison their cure for $20m, but they sure will shut up about it. I wonder how much that cost.