Gold Standard: Liposomal Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

This information was put together in the very early days of the pandemic, and while largely still accurate, there are likely to be various minor inaccuracies, as the science has significantly advanced since that time. This information has been preserved for historical archiving purposes only, and must not be construed to be medical advice. While finding good doctors can be a challenge in this environment, there are multiple specialty telemed services available that will provide accurate, useful COVID-19 evaluation and treatment, beyond the useless guidelines presently being pushed by most ordinary providers. Always speak to your doctor before changing or stopping any treatment regimen.

If you do not have any stomach, bowel or kidney conditions, this is all you need.

55mg per kilogram of body weight, per 3 hours, including (especially!) during sleep, will keep you alive, halt all progression, and leave you asymptomatic, except for any permanent damage already done.

If you have ascorbic acid, you can convert it to liposomal ascorbic acid using soy or sunflower lecithin. Various guides are available online.

Avoid alcohol. May cause diarrhoea and stomach or intestinal issues. It is highly acidic and may cause stomach damage with prolonged use. If you notice stomach or intestinal pain, or excrement that looks like black powder, stomach or intestinal damage has occurred. Speak to your doctor if this occurs. I have observed that taking an antacid between doses will give your stomach a chance to heal.

There has also been some research indicating high doses of ascorbic acid may cause kidney stones. I have not observed this in practice. Capsulated apple cider vinegar, containing acetic acid, may resolve kidney stones early in formation. Speak to your doctor if you notice anything amiss.

To calculate your correct dose, do the following:

Divide your weight in pounds by 2.2. (155 lbs = 70.5 kg)

Multiply the result by 54.75. (3857 milligrams)

Divide the result by 1000. (3.857 grams)

This is your 3-hour dose. Slight deviation is OK.

In people above 275 pounds, slight reduction of the calculated dose may be necessary; the calculation is based on blood volume, which does not scale precisely with weight. Diarrhoea is an indication that your body is unable to absorb the amount of C you have taken.

NOTE: The distinction between liposomal, and not, is important. Non-liposomal C moves through your digestive system as per normal; absorption is slow, very low, and you are not physically capable of absorbing the necessary dose. Liposomal C is encapsulated in a lipid layer that enables it to pass directly through your stomach into your blood. Absorption is near-instant; it is almost as good as IV C. That said, absorption is still limited by various digestive factors to about 45% of what you consume, which is why the dose for oral liposomal C is significantly higher than intravenous C.


P.S. – The most cost-effective way to buy liposomal C is in bulk powder form. Liquid formulations tend to be vastly overpriced. Some preparations of Super Quercetin also contain it. Those are generally available at drug stores and good in an emergency. Please don’t buy more than you need – other people need to live too. If you know of any other commonly available sources, please leave a comment to let others know!

Scientific Evidence

Due to Vitamin C’s status as a near-universal antiviral treatment, it has been subject to heavy suppression and various forms of discrediting over time. However, a few data points have made it into the scientific literature.

The effectiveness of vitamin C in preventing and relieving the symptoms of virus-induced respiratory infections:

Anecdotal Evidence

High-Dose IV Vitamin C on ARDS by COVID-19: A Possible Low-Cost Ally With a Wide Margin of Safety:

Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19:

New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C: (NOTE: New York hospitals have since ceased providing Vitamin C. I guess it was working too well.)


Hoo boy.

Plain oral vitamin C used as control against hydroxychloroquine in a Gates Foundation study. Neither the dose nor the route of administration are correct, and its use as a placebo is designed to discredit.

Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 PEP:


Vitamin C is mentioned alongside Vitamin D and other vitamins. The doses of vitamin D mentioned herein are certainly dangerous. This does not mean the C is dangerous.

Online health gurus advise ‘near-lethal’ vitamin doses to combat coronavirus:


This one is interesting. The patients were started with a roughly correct dose, for 6 hours, which led to significant reduction of symptoms. For the remainder of the study, they received a very low dose, and thus had poor outcomes by the conclusion of the study.

Vitamin C Infusion for the Treatment of Severe 2019-nCoV Infected Pneumonia: